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Comparative relationships

These are relationships of deceptive similarity. Comparative partners talk about similar things, have similar interests, obey the norms of politeness and hospitality towards each other but they never really show an interest in each others problems. After a while these relationships can become boring and stagnant. When comparative partners are on the same level in a hierarchy, they can coexist quite peacefully. Once one partner becomes superior to the other, they may have serious disagreements and conflicts. Comparative partners look at the same questions from very different angles. One partner feels as if the other is in their opinion trying to solve the same problem in an impractical manner. Moreover, partners are not happy to acknowledge each other's different point of view. This may cause great misunderstandings between partners, especially when applied to methods of working and as a result partners usually try to compromise.

When in company, Comparative relationships can improve a little. The reason for this is that the behaviour of one partner in respect to other people usually appears to the other partner as interesting and worthwhile. Moreover, partners have a good chance to learn from each other how to better improve their social interactions.

When Comparative partners ask each other for advice, the adviser often finds their own advice quite useful for themselves. As a result the person who asked for advice usually leaves with nothing. Comparative partners may view each other as selfish and egoistic, however they do not try to clarify this point to each other. In a family environment these relationships are very heavy, as they can create a mistrust between partners and do not allow them to feel their own significance.

Comparative pairs:



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