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Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving (ENFp) - Reporter

Victor Gulenko

ENFps are normally either tall and often quiet even though they are extrovert or short and full figured. The latter are more movable and energetic and their gait is quick and erratic. ENFps often walk with their feet apart. Slim ENFps often have a crafty look in their eyes. Sometimes, when they are inactive, their face has an astonished look about it.

Generally ENFps have straight proportional noses. Full figured ENFps have corpulent faces and quite often a nice smile. Their facial structure is rather round with softer edges. They seem to always be in a good mood. They like to have fun, to laugh and to joke. They can also have flashing eyes which combines very well with their overall playful disposition. ENFps pay great attention to their appearance.

ENFps choice of clothes and accessories are quite characteristic especially in women. They often neglect some part of their outfit which can give a Poet and liberated feeling to their style. All ENFps dress in a way that indicates a sense of the theatrical.

Male ENFps, with their charming, complimentary and affable manner are quite successful when it comes to conquering the hearts of the opposite sex. Because of female ENFps playful dispositions, they can sometimes go over the top without realising, which often provokes a strong response from males. If they see the males taking their behaviour seriously they may try to halt the proceedings. If this is insufficient they can resort to physical action.

Generally ENFps are very emotional and spontaneous during interactions. They know how to find that special way of dealing with almost anybody. ENFps are quite comfortable to talk to and are talented interlocutors. They often help people to extricate themselves from difficult situations. Their advice is normally based on ethical grounds. ENFps are often optimistic and it is not uncommon for them to transfer this optimism to others.

ENFps pay the least attention possible to details. This is often interpreted by others as superficiality. This peculiarity enables ENFps to swallow lots of information without chewing it. After taking the cream from the surface of one sphere of interests ENFps can become bored and start looking for different interests. They often change their interests. Wherever ENFps go they have a characteristic ability to create a circle of friends and acquaintances and be at the centre of attention. They respect and preserve the opinions of the circle, taking an active part in defending and promoting them.

ENFps are quick to mobilise themselves in extreme situations. When in the midst of chaos and panic they are able to take control of the situation if there is no one else available or willing. However in day to day life they are usually quite disorganised and do not cope well with routine matters. They also do not perform well at all when it comes to dealing with documentation.

ENFps are very sociable types and are driven towards the easy life. They are very dependent on their desires. They do not mind spending a fair amount of money just to fulfil these desires. ENFps also strive for adventure, improvisation and unplanned actions.


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