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Extraverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging (ENTj) - Pioneer

Victor Gulenko

ENTjs usually have full lips and a characteristic salesman like smile. Their bone structures normally give them their square shape figures. Their faces too are often square in shape and the facial structure itself often has many small details. Their eyes are constantly darting about rarely remaining on one object for any period of time. ENTjs typically tend to have a bouncing gait. The more hyperactive they are the more noticeable this becomes.

ENTjs like expensive, good quality clothes, however they can find it difficult to effectively combine their wardrobe. This is especially noticeable in ENTj males. They are very attracted to bright color combinations and may combine two or three styles together. However, their aesthetic understanding is not usually very well developed and therefore they are not so suited to work where aesthetics play an important role. ENTjs often wear the same clothes for long periods giving the impression that they have just come back from a long trip and haven't had time to change.

ENTjs like to joke and play tricks on others. When talking about matters of a sexual nature (one of their favorite subjects), they often employ double entendres in a humorous manner. ENTjs have tendency to lace their jokes with sarcasm and irony. During conversation they may suddenly interrupt the speaker with comments that others find very funny, whereas the speaker can feel embarrassed. ENTjs talk a lot and with their ability to create double meaning humor they are not rare among comedians.

ENTjs find it very easy to start conversations with anybody, anywhere. They are very open to new proposals, however they always investigate the practicality of any theory. They quickly realize the potential of new ideas, and are often the first people to apply them practically. They are open to all novelties and always try to use them in their own activities. ENTjs are quite responsible people and like to be in command. They have no trouble giving orders and like to give plenty of advice.

ENTjs are very enthusiastic when starting new projects sometimes becoming so passionate that they can forget about everything else. They normally start small, gradually working their way up to bigger things. They can work very hard and extremely quickly, often working on many tasks simultaneously. ENTjs like to figure out and try many things. They are not the sort of people who blindly believe in phenomena that cannot be proved, for example UFOs, telekinesis and ESP. They are often very curious and dynamic people often experiencing a great variety of occupations during their lifetimes. They are always experimenting and sometimes get involved in projects that others started but couldn't finish.

In everyday life ENTjs can be careless making it very easy for them to get into hot water. Sometimes they can even show delinquency, bullying and aggressive behavior. They are very quick tempered often trying to solve their problem with their fists first. ENTjs are very optimistic and they love life. When they are in dangerous situations, they mobilize all their recourses very quickly and effectively. ENTjs like travel and adventure, especially where love is concerned. They also pay great attention to their physiques.


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