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Extraverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving (ESFp) - Ambassador

Victor Gulenko

ESFps usually have a smooth oval facial structure, which is mainly free of projections with the exception of the nose, which can be quite large. Their eyes normally show great alertness and seem to be constantly in motion. Their eyes seem to slide over people and objects creating the impression that ESFps are trying to better sense their surroundings. Their eyes themselves are never deeply set. The lower part of their faces often seems heavy. When walking or moving some ESFps may create the impression that they are walking through water. Ironically this applies mainly to more slender ESFps. Their larger, heavier counterparts are usually far more agile and nimble.

ESFps usually wear original, brightly colored, eye-catching clothes and accessories in order to attract attention to themselves. This is especially applicable to females. They are often influenced by the latest fashions, but will not wear something if they feel it will not suit them.

ESFps often react with aggression and hostility when others try to impose rules, limits or discipline on them. They also become very irritated when criticized for their caprices or illogical behavior. They become equally irritated if someone attempts to question their behavior or prove their irrationality.

When interacting with others ESFps openly demonstrate their real feelings towards others. However their feelings are very flexible and changeable. For example, after an argument that would end most relationships they may, after sometime, apologize and then behave as if nothing ever happened.

In moments of depression, which are not so rare, ESFps like to complain to others that they are not as people think they are and that this is the reason they are often misunderstood. In situations such as these their eyes can become glazed and distant.

In company ESFps like to provoke positive emotions in others. However they do not like to entertain people by themselves, but will willingly sustain an easy atmosphere. ESFps are normally very talkative and sociable. They often talk about many different subjects. This is one of the reasons their telephones are constantly in use.

ESFps know well how to manipulate peoples feelings. They have no difficulty attracting attention to themselves if they require it and they do this openly and without embarrassment. ESFps have an ability to transfer their mood to others, especially at home. If they feel bad, everybody feels bad and vice versa. When in good humor they can behave very unpredictably.

ESFps often have a wide circle of acquaintances. They usually experience difficulties in ending unwanted relationships, and therefore this circle constantly enlarges. ESFps are very realistic people. If a project is unrealistic from their point of view, they will not participate in it. ESFps always try to solve their problems head on, attacking them as soon as they arise. They always look for immediate returns in their projects and in their work . If this does not happen they can loose their desire to continue on the same path.

ESFps find it difficult to do the same thing over a long period of time. They constantly look for challenges. Regardless of their mood they always find something interesting to do. In day to day matters ESFps can be forgetful and careless. They may forget to switch off home appliances etc. When cooking a dish that requires constant supervision, they will often neglect and ruin it. ESFps often demonstrate affection for pets, however they rarely keep them at home, considering this to be not hygienic.


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