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Extraverted Sensing Thinking Judging (ESTj) - Director

Victor Gulenko

ESTjs have a characteristic upright posture often appearing as if their backs are inflexible giving the impression that they are executing a military drill. In many cases ESTjs are slim. However, larger ESTjs are not exceptional, especially when applied to women. But even in these cases the figure retains it's characteristic upright posture.

Their gait and movements are sharp, tense and jerky showing a internal tension synonymous to this type. ESTjs find it difficult to remain in the same position for extended periods and will often shift about during conversation. Their clothes are mainly executive or classical in style. Men prefer the traditional suit and tie. When choosing clothes ESTjs will pay much more attention to comfort and quality than to the latest fashion. Female ESTjs do not often wear extravagant things. Even if they do try to follow fashion their choices will always maintain an element of conservatism.

In general ESTjs are very careful and cautious with their clothes. Their clothing is always neat and clean. They may keep clothes for a long time and know well how to preserve them. Even if some items are quite old they still may look like new. ESTjs do not like untidiness and carelessness in their appearance and in general. Trousers are always ironed, shoes polished, etc.

When ESTjs interact with strangers they are always polite, educated and well mannered, observing the norms of etiquette. This is especially noticeable in men when they start a conversation with the opposite sex. ESTjs do not like small talk or gossiping neither do they like having long conversations on the phone. When talking on the telephone they will often sound slightly different. ESTjs do not like familiarity.

ESTjs like to ask questions and find out facts. They do not accept foggy answers, demanding concrete data. They have an opinion about almost everything and will actively debate and defend it. ESTjs will never admit that they were not right. If they want to blame somebody for something they will find a way.

ESTjs are great supporters of practicality and do not understand and may condemn people who have fantasy or who propose fascinating but impractical projects. They do not like laziness or disorganisation. They do not like sudden changes, preferring a slow but sure advance. ESTjs act for the sake of stability. They have conservative views about family, this is especially applicable in males. In their understanding the husband has to provide, while the wife has to look after the children and the house.

Although ESTjs may appear in control of their emotions they periodically allow flashes of fury to break through. This often manifests when something goes wrong or somebody tells them how to do their job, especially if they deem that the accuser is not competent in what they are doing. In anger ESTjs may shout, throw or break things, often recalling their victims past failures.

ESTjs have a tremendous ability to work. If necessary, they can work for many hours a day, seven days a week without proper rest. Their understanding of relaxation is to lie down on the sofa watching television for a few hours and then they are ready to work again. ESTjs can not stay without work for long. They like to work and as a result they always keep themselves occupied. ESTjs often display the qualities of a good organiser.

When in dangerous situations ESTjs act quickly and determinedly, never boasting about it afterwards. They have a straight forward approach to their goals. ESTjs find it difficult to cheat making it easy to catch them out and as a result they generally have an honest reputation. ESTjs do not stand for lies forgery and fraud. They do not like shallow, frivolous or thoughtless people. They also observe customs.


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