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Extraverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving (ESTp) - Conqueror

Victor Gulenko

ESTps generally have either slim figures or firm and solid figures. Slim ESTps have slow and phlegmatic movements, giving the impression of calmness and self-confidence. Females often have a fragile appearance. Solid ESTps have free and flexible movements. When standing in one place they tend to wriggle rhythmically as if they have a slight electric current running through them.

Their eyebrows are often asymmetrical. When ESTps want to show their dissatisfaction they frown as if they are angry. Older ESTps often become puffy and swollen around the eyes. They also have a tendency to squint. Their noses are usually quite wide at the base and their jaws are also large and square. They may have thick, immobile lips, making their speech somewhat garbled.

ESTps rarely wear eye-catching clothes. They try to maintain a neutral style of clothes, steering away from fashion. Females prefer not to wear very bright or colorful clothing. Males have an inclination to official styles of clothing such as suits etc. ESTps generally prefer to remain in the shadows.

When in conversation, ESTps always show self restraint and tact. They generally interact in an open and friendly manner, always showing positive emotions. They do not like to openly express their opinions. During interaction ESTps always try to show that they are paying full attention and that they understand their interlocutor very well. One of the ways they do this is by asking many questions concerning personal problems or opinions. They do this with masterful tact and delicacy, therefore gaining other peoples trust very quickly.

ESTps have a very characteristic way of behaving when in conversation. They can pause for long periods of time before replying to questions or statements. This can give the impression that they are assimilating the received information. In situations such as these they usually squint. ESTps are never afraid to show others that they did not understand or do not know something and therefore never hesitate ask people to repeat or to specify what they said. ESTps enjoy showing their understand and explaining things to others. They always do this slowly and methodically giving simple, practical examples. They also prefer to have the last word in conversations, concluding the dialogue themselves.

When in confrontation, ESTps quickly focus on their opponents weaknesses, usually destroying them with one perfectly placed phrase. If this opportunity does not manifest itself, they have the skills to provoke the reaction they desire. ESTps are very slow to anger. And when they do become angered it is very difficult for them to calm down. They like games that require quick thinking and tactics and often win these games as they have great skill misleading and provoking their opponents into making bad moves.

ESTps have cast-iron self-control and nearly always achieve their goals. If required they can step on anyone or anything often ignoring ethics completely if the situation calls for it. If a project becomes too big and difficult for them to control by themselves, they will delegate the less important parts of the project, giving others complete independence to make their own decisions. ESTps do not care much how people achieve results. They give others complete independence to choose their own method of working, as they consider the end result to be more important.

ESTps are very tactically minded and know how to adapt to changing situations very quickly. They know how to arrange people according to their abilities and usefulness. They prefer to adopt an informal and unofficial leadership. They also do not like doing their own dirty work. ESTps are hard working and extremely persevering people. The more obstacles they meet the more obvious these qualities become. They do not react well to unchallenging situations. They truly come alive in the face of adversity. ESTps are inclined to give ultimatums.


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