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Identical relationships

These are relationships of complete understanding between partners but with an inability to help each other. Identical partners see the world with identical eyes, identically work out received information, come to identical conclusions and have identical problems. Identical partners usually experience sympathy towards each other, trying to support and justify each other.

Identical relationships have a negative side too. Interaction with an Identical partner may quickly become boring unless partners have common interests, working on the same project, or if one partner has sufficient preponderance in knowledge so a teacher and student situation can develop. Usually when partners do not receive any new information from each other they find no use in such interaction and their relationships can become neutral.

However, periodically even neutral relationships come alive for a short period of time. It happens when partners discover new things about each other. If Identical partners feel a mutual attraction to each other their relationships can be really loving and caring.

The result of Identical relationships is self-development, because these relationships can help you to look at your own abilities and disabilities from a different angle. Identical relationships can be compared with watching a video of oneself. In conclusion, only these relationships can provide a person with correct self-evaluation.

Identical pairs:



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