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Introverted Sensing Feeling Judging (ISFj) - Guardian

Victor Gulenko

ISFjs have a very characteristic facial expression that usually shows alertness and readiness to resist. Sometimes their regular facial expression may show dissatisfaction, a critical disposition or even anger. When ISFjs are thinking they may fix their eyes to an object or person for a long period. In these cases their eyes may show a look of bewilderment in reflection to the situation they are in. ISFjs can remain in the same position for a long time.

ISFjs normally have slightly thick lips which they normally keep tightly together. Their facial structure is smooth, with a distinct lack of prominent or sharp cheek bones. ISFjs can have very slim and elongated figures as well as full figures with big, wide shoulders. Their clothes are always tidy and often strictly elegant with a touch of officially even when they are not at work.

Where the reviewing of any new project is concerned ISFjs are critical, actively seeking out major defects. They try to analyse the situation logically, objectively and with emotions detachment. ISFjs have a very well developed sense of duty.

ISFjs notice people who do not obey ethical norms. When among friends ISFjs always give their ethical evaluations of other peoples actions. Their quick wit enables them to reply effectively to people with sharp tongues. ISFjs enjoy to play jokes on people by telling them something seemingly serious with a straight face. Staying alone with a person for a long time can make ISFjs feel uncomfortable so does the presence of strangers in their homes.

ISFjs know how to actively defend themselves and those close to them. If they take the responsibility of a persons welfare upon them, they will provide protection and defend the persons interests as if they were their own. When the opportunity to take their revenge arises, they know how to find the most defenceless place for their strike.

ISFjs do not cope well in indefinite situations. They can start panicking easily by worrying incessantly about their situation. They do not like to wait for impending events, the nearer it comes the more tension they accumulate. They tend to release their stress with alcohol or in the company of close friends.

ISFjs like orderliness and cleanliness at home. They rarely tidy up but when they do they do a very thorough job. They are unlikely to go to sleep if they know that they have to finish some duties in their home. They can not simply rest without finding something to busy themselves with. ISFjs judge work by the quantity of energy spent and not the end result.


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