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Introverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving (ISTp) - Artisan

Victor Gulenko

ISTps normally have a very characteristic passionless facial expression, indeed their whole appearance shows a lack of emotion which may be interpreted as calmness, mystery or inaccessibility. Some ISTps hide their lack of emotion behind the slightly artificial smile of a person who is seeking sensible pleasures. Their facial expressions often show scepticism or mistrust. Their faces are usually oval in shape and get more narrow towards the bottom, however more square faces are not rare.

Their mouth line is usually calm, straight and turned slightly downwards at the corners. ISTps have a characteristic one sided smile which when combined with their scepticism can sometimes be interpreted as self-satisfaction. Their teeth are often of equal width and their mouth is usually keep tightly shut even when relaxed. ISTps also have a characteristic springy gait with the knees slightly bent giving them a characteristic surreptitious walk. In many cases ISTps have athletic physical structures. ISTps prefer informal or sporty style clothes which look more comfortable than aesthetic. Clothes usually fit ISTps well.

ISTps are quite sceptical in their evaluations and even more stubborn in their opinions. Often even before the conversation has begun, ISTps opinion is already firm and nonnegotiable. Debates with ISTps can go on forever. Even if ISTps seem to agree with you, their opinion is unlikely to alter. ISTps have difficulty in controlling their emotions. When they do loose control, they may become biting, rough and excited, raising their voice and gesticulating fervently. ISTps also like consonant sounds which can make their speech slightly rough and resonant.

ISTps never share their feelings with people they do not know well and will hardly ever share them with their friends. They try to avoid people who make too much effort to get inside their emotional world. They appreciate a spiritual balance very much and therefore they are interested in all sorts of meditations, etc. Generally ISTps do not like shaking hands, hugging and similar forms of greeting . When outside their territory, ISTps may openly ignore people that they have met before.

Whatever ISTps do, they try to extract a practical use from it. They are definitely not the type who will work powered only by enthusiasm. They may seem a little slow to start new work, but once they are in motion they will try to achieve the maximum possible return. They are very practical people.

ISTps demand complete independence. They only allow people to get close up to a certain point, where they are still out of the range from outside influence. ISTps value their friends and friendships very much. ISTps actively seek excitement and thrive on the rush of adrenaline.

ISTps have their own convictions that they will usually follow, even if they are different from common norms and moralities. This may give the impression that ISTps are not interested in other peoples opinions of them. ISTps also have a great deal of persistence which probably comes from their stubbornness giving them a reputation as obstinate, rebellious people and even delinquents when young.


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